Subaru of America | Case Study
The Client:
Known for their Forester and Outback model vehicles, Subaru cars have proven to be superior thanks to their combination of boxer engines and all-wheel drive. With USA headquarters located in Camden, New Jersey, Subaru emphasizes providing quality cars and supporting their community.
The Goal: From Design to Installation
Through this project, our goal was to design, engineer, and install Subaru’s electronic safety and security system. Our team diligently designed the entire system, focusing on providing a completely new system to Subaru’s USA headquarters. Designing this system was more than just one project as we had to keep the big picture in mind knowing this system would be implemented nationwide. Throughout the project, we worked closely with Subaru to design an enterprise-level system that met all their expectations and more. Upon completion, we wanted to make sure that Subaru of America knew exactly how to operate the system so it could be used at full capacity.

National Footprint System

With headquarters having roughly 1,000 employees, the sheer size and magnitude of the project made it apparent that we had our work cut out for us. We designed and installed a massive system using all the latest technology to ensure that Subaru had a well-planned and executed security system that would perform flawlessly. Though design and installation in itself was a huge undertaking, we also consistently collaborated with Subaru’s IT and facilities department to ensure we were implementing the correct processes and procedures. Once the project was completed, we trained all the guards and staff on how to effectively use the system.

The Solution: Collaboration and Communication

Due to the size and collaboration needed to complete this project, we worked closely with Subaru to keep communication flowing. As challenges presented themselves, we brainstormed and discussed options with the Subaru team to ensure they received a product they were proud of.

The Result: Flawless Access Control and Security System

Subaru of America now has a system that is as perfect as it gets. We worked hard to put together one of our best access control and security systems at a national level. Since project completion, we have continued to work with Subaru and service their offices nationwide.