Clarity ITS was founded in early 2015 to provide commercial clients a dedicated turnkey solution for their business technology needs. Our related services include network infrastructure, security, AV solutions, power and electrical wiring, and systems maintenance.

Founders Shane Crosby, Jake Gammon and Greg Patterson take pride in and operate with a shared vision of excellence combined with functionality in their installations. Clarity’s clientele can rest assured that their most customized requests will be handled carefully by a top trained and industry certified staff.

With a focus on long-term client relationships, Clarity ITS has an unprecedented referral customer base, and has rapidly earned a reputation for providing the clarity to solve our client’s trickiest technology problems.

The Owners

Shane Crosby, Jake Gammon, and Greg Patterson have worked in the metro Atlanta market over the past several decades, separately and together, and have spent this time developing a customer base that has come to rely on them for dependable, budget-friendly, innovative solutions to their business technology needs.

Shane got his RCDD in 2004 and over the years since, has earned himself a reputation for never giving up and saying a task couldn’t be done. Knowing that there is a solution out there somewhere for any customer problem has inspired him to stay on top of current technology trends. Over the years, Shane has mentored many younger or less experienced technicians to take the initiative, learn and apply their knowledge to keep their customer’s businesses running at the speed of technology.

Jake Gammon took that offered initiative at an early age, and rose up in training from field technician to office engineer in a matter of just a few years. He received his RCDD in 2014, and partnered with Shane and Greg to open Clarity because he wanted to enhance the product he could bring to his customers. Jake’s reputation for attention to detail, meeting clients requests with a solution and a smile, and his dedication to keeping projects on task and on time has made him a crucial part of Clarity’s foundation.

Greg Patterson has a long-time reputation for managing dozens of projects of all sizes and types simultaneously, and also for his ‘we can do anything and everything’ approach to customer service. He and Shane met in 2010, and together they won the highly coveted invitation to perform work in Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Greg’s talents have made this account a foundation of Clarity’s business. He and his staff have earned themselves a stellar reputation for their professionalism, responsibility, and respect for the security and safety of the people that work at and travel through the busiest airport in the world.

As time moves forward, and technology changes, our partners strive to stay at the forefront of the tide, and will continue to evaluate, train, and innovate. New clients and old alike can rely on Shane, Jake, Greg, and their team, year after year, to connect, secure, and empower their IT infrastructure.