Delta Air Lines | Case Study
The Client:
Delta Air Lines is known and loved by many as they transport nearly 200 million travelers every year. Their primary focus isn’t just about transporting passengers from place to place but is rather a dedication to bringing people together. Delta flies to 300 destinations in 50 different countries and is one of the most frequently used airlines in the United States.
The Goal: Introduce New Fiber-Optic Lines
Our ultimate goal was to provide a solution for fiber optic needs that would provide consistency for airports across the United States. We implemented an air blown fiber solution that would meet Delta’s needs and have room for growth at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport. Delta has since installed this system at other airports, such as Austin, Chicago, and LA. This was a huge job and it required implementation of a new optical fiber backbone for over 100 comm rooms/concourses.

The Challenge: Painstaking Details

This was a massive project that required incredible delicacy, but also had a strict, 6-month timeline. Hartsfield Jackson is one of the busiest airports in the whole world, and we had to install new fiber optics with the airport remaining fully functional. To ensure there was no downtime, we needed to install a new fiber infrastructure without disturbing the existing infrastructure. Any kind of outage wasn’t an option, and our men had to work diligently to ensure that we were able to quickly complete the project in the 6-month timeframe while taking special care not to disturb the current fiber infrastructure.

The Solution: Get Ahead of the Game

To keep the project on track, we had two shifts running at certain phases of the project. Additionally, we worked night shifts so our crew could get around the facility more efficiently. To ensure that the existing infrastructure was not disturbed, we were constantly making sure we were a few steps ahead of the crews and able to have pathways already laid out. With the stakes being high, we communicated with the Delta team daily to update them on the status of the project.

The Result: No Outages and Happy Customers

This project consisted of:
  1. Over 15,000 man-hours for installation
  2. Over 150,000 feet of Dura-line/Future path installed
  3. Over 350,000 feet of fiber jetted and placed
  4. Over 10,000 strands of fiber installed, spliced, and tested
Delta loved the results and we completed the job without any outages. We made this process as headache-free as possible for Delta, and we are pleased to have a continuing relationship with them.