Safety & Security

We work nationwide with companies like Subaru , Optical Fiber Solutions , and the YMCA to design and install security systems specific to your needs. We provide and install all needed cables for our services and provide any credentials needed including but not limited to cards, fobs, and codes. You pay for the equipment upfront, receiving a year of monitoring included with installation. Whether your commercial property is small, medium, or large, we have the equipment and team to ensure you have a high-quality security system.



CCTV cameras can be installed on the interior and exterior of the building to monitor operations. These cameras transmit the feed to monitors and are recorded in case the footage is needed. Our team will install your CCTV system and train those who will be operating and/or monitoring the camera.

Access Control

The functionality and security of your business is just as important to us as it is to you. Installing access control systems can provide heightened security for you, your property, and your employees. Access Control is great for tracking employee time, keeping out intruders, or even restricting access to overly curious guests. Our technicians will install all needed low-voltage cabling, door devices and locks, control equipment for turnkey access control solutions, and even program the system per customer specifications.

Intrusion Detection System

Different sites need different levels of intrusion detection. We will install all necessary cables and intrusion devices such as door contacts, interior motion detectors, glass break sensors, sirens, strobes, and more. We will work with you to develop a system that fits your needs and your budget.

Some other services include:

Surveillance Systems

We offer IP and analog cameras as well as onsite and remote systems. We will install the cameras and connect the system to the proper network as specified by the customer.


We can integrate your security system to allow for communication between secured and unsecured areas. This includes video, audio, cabling, and programming for your turnkey intercom system.

Web Application or Software-Based Security Management

If you choose to invest in CCTV, we will provide cloud or server storage for your system.

Mass Notification and Paging

In case of a security emergency, you want to be able to properly notify those affected. To do so, our team will design and install all devices needed for your emergency PA system. We will program specifications and provide support if issues arise.

Remote Security Help Desk

We serve companies nationwide and so does our security help desk. We will provide remote or onsite support depending on the nature of the issue.


We provide monitoring with or without a contract either annually or month-to-month. You have the option of adding monitoring to any of our security services, as we want to make sure your system is running smoothly. If we see an issue arise, we communicate with our customers to reach a solution as needed.

Our Security Partners

We only trust our clients' business with the most reliable products and companies, which is why we work closely with these businesses.

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