EXP Global | Case Study
The Client:
EXP Global is a premier engineering, architecture, design, and consulting firm with offices across the United States and Canada. They provide solutions for customers from start to finish and have expertise in everything from environmental solutions to infrastructure engineering. Whether it be building a sustainable community or evaluating the earth for building options, EXP Global has their clients covered.
The Goal: Provide a Flexible, but Consistent System
EXP Global needed a system that allowed for better communication and ease of use including:
  1. Video conferencing
  2. Sound masking
  3. Low voltage
  4. Access control
With offices all over the world, we had to design a system that worked for not just one or two locations, but that was functional from Ontario, Canada to Miami, Florida, and all the offices in between. Though each location has similarities, they also have differences that make every installation process unique. We needed a system that could be used anywhere, by anyone.

The Challenge: Versatility

This particular project required a quick turnaround, as well as the need for a system that would be easy to use by people all over the world. Each office had its own specific challenges and every manager had their own goals to reach. We had to collaborate with those managers to develop a plan that has the core of the primary system while accommodating various needs depending on the office location.

The Solution: Flexibility is Key

We installed a system that is versatile enough to meet the needs of all EXP Global offices. We provided one point of contact that allows for EXP Global to focus their energy on other tasks while we take care of access control and security. We pushed for uniformity, accommodated office manager vision, and left EXP Global with a state-of-the-art system that was made just for them.

The Results: One Point of Contact

Ultimately, EXP Global enjoyed having one point of contact for all of their access control, sound masking, video control, and low voltage needs. We have enjoyed maintaining a relationship over the last few years, and this has led to us installing systems in 15+ offices in the United States and Canada.